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Stefan Mertin


Presenting Computer Go at the Europeen Go Congres 2007 in Villach, Austria

WELCOME  to my new site dedicated to the
game of Go (Japan:
囲碁 igo; China: 围棋 / 圍棋 wéiqí ; Korea: 바둑 baduk ) and to all the efforts of many years of  computer programmers all over the world in improving the playing strength of computer software playing Go!

Here you will find everything about my private Computer Go Tournament  (CGoT)  in Osnabrueck, Germany.

This is meant as an ongoing tournament with regular updates and has started in 2007.
Participants can only be Go Programs running on my home PC (WinXP, Linux will follow). After my first private Computer Tournaments for 9x9 Go (in 2000) and for 13x13 Go (2001-2003) I now restarted in 2007 with 9x9 Go (150 games per pairing) as well as 19x19 Go (100 games per pairing) - results and games will follow.

There are no special rules or time limits - any program or version plays with (maybe even different) settings that will be indicated in the list of results - but more than 16 min per side for 9x9 or 64 min for 19x19 turned out to take too much time for playing enough games...  Actually all the games are played on my home PC (2,6 GHz), so pondering must be off.

My aim is to add one new version or new program with hundreds of 19x19 games played every month, to have the 9x9 tournament continue running aside with mostly the same engines and to let play weaker programs again with handicap!

Any comments or suggestions for improvements would be considered and appreciated.
Feel free to send these suggestions or comments to computergo<at>igosoft.de

IGOSOFT  | computergo@igosoft.de