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Star of Poland  (SP)

Steenvreter  (ST)

Suzie  (SZ)

authors: Peter Woitke and Chrilly Donninger

version 0.26 (Aug. 2007) for 9x9 / will be replaced by newest version 0.40 (Nov. 2008) soon. Suzie often plays on the CGoS mostly as a Linux version: v0.40L recently has achieved Elo 1756 there for 19x19 Go and Elo 2127 for 9x9 Go.

Suzie is a chess program that plays the game of Go. It is based on alpha-beta search with iterative deepening, ply extensions, quiescence search, null-move pruning, null-window pruning and multi-cut pruning. Suzie uses a MoyoGo-like shape generator to hardprune away "useless" moves, and the search becomes purely "local" beyond a certain depth. The position evaluation function uses tree-search for tactical stability and to resolve small semiai. Suzie reaches about 3000-7000 positions evaluations/sec on 9x9, and 1000-3000 on 19x19. With the aggressive hard- and softpruning techniques applied, Suzie v0.40 reaches a search depth (without extensions) of 6-8 on 9x9 (8min) and 4-6 on 19x19 (32min).

SUZIE is not yet available (- originally the Chess software house ChessBase in Hamburg, Germany, planned to release it in 2007 and started to develop a user interface like the one for their chess program FRITZ - in that form SUZIE v0.23b was presented to public on the European Go Congress 2007 in Villach, Austria  => Photos)

The Many Faces of Go  (MF)

TS-Go  (TS)

Stefan Mertin and Peter Woitke (SUZIE) 2006 in St. Andrews, Scotland
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