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EGC 2007 Villach, Austria (next page)

Pictures from the Computer Go presentation at the 51st European Go Congress 2007 - congress photographer Martin Chrz put more photos of this congress online: check them out at ortenix.cz .
On July, 23-25th I operated the new Go program 'Suzie' by Dr. Chr. Donninger and Dr. Peter Woitke to challange some of the congress participants on 9x9 Go -
Suzie v0.23 played with 15min/game on a 1.5 GHz PC and I estimated her rating with 5 kyu on 9x9 which seemed to hold quite well.

ICGA 8th Computer Olympiad 2003 Graz, Austria (below)

On November 25-27th I operated the Go Program 'Dariush' by Eric Marchand and Frédéric Boissac and Chess programmer Chrilly Donninger operated 'GoAhead' by Peter Woitke.
Some first contacts between Chess and Go were made, Chrilly even got a silver medal award for representing GoAhead which finished second in 19x19 Go, GnuGo was first and GoIntellect third.


Erik van der Werf (MAGOG) and Christian Donninger 'Chrilly' (programmer of chess engine BRUTUS). Erik van der Werf is also author of STEENVRETER which won the 9x9 Go match at the ICGA Olympiad 2007 in Amsterdam.
The ChessBase Team (Matthias W├╝llenweber, Matthias Feist, Stefan Meyer-Kahlen) visits the Computer Go match (Ken Chen and Tristan Cazenave sitting - Anders Kierulf, Markus Enzenberger, Erik van der Werf) - Graz 2003
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